Strathglass Kennel

                                                                      Since   1912

Strathglass Kennel has a long tradition going back to 1800 hundreds in Strathglass Scotland.

In 1912 in Westchester, New York Mr. Hugh J. Chisholm carried that  traditions forward and today Colin A.J. and Lady Andrea Chisholm of Struy carry on a first rate Breeding and Show Kennel.

Strathglass Kennel’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniels  are a fine example of European stock and temperance. A combination of the Champion Winning Colors Kennel of the United States and the renowned Angel Pride Kennel of Germany.

The aristocratic but playfully affectionate Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looks like they leapt straight out of a Renaissance Painting. Sweet and docile, cuddly and adaptable. Cavaliers can be anything you want them to be athletes or couch buddies, playmates to kids or companions to seniors, show dogs, trick dogs, mini hunters, lap dogs, best friends… anything but guard dog because the Cavalier is friend to all. Even so, you are the star to the Cavalier who wants nothing more than to win your love.

CH Winning Colors Bridget of Strathglass is the Foundation Stock of the Kennel.



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